Jim Rogers – Interview With Primal Group

Co-founder of the Quantum Fund, one of the most successful hedge funds of all time, Jim Rogers made enough money to retire at the age of 37. Since then he has undertaken two round the world journeys and written a number of books. He now spends much of his time travelling the globe as an astute and authoritative commentator on global financial markets, with particular expertise across emerging markets and agricultural commodities.

We had the pleasure of hosting Jim as the chief guest and keynote speaker on our 2014 Primal Investing Summit, where we had the opportunity hold an insightful and no-holds-barred interview on a variety of topics, including the huge potential in Primal Groups’ neem plantations.

“I wish I had been smart enough to think of this 40 years go. Or 30 years ago. Or any time!”

Jim Rogers, Co-Founder of the Quantum Fund.