Anthony J. Archer

Chairman & CEO

A visionary, futurist mindset entrepreneur and thought leader with multiple industries experience. Anthony creates business strategies with a focus on moral, ethical and social responsibility. Not content to just ‘play the game’, he is tenacious in his determination to change it. The approach is to use his unique and holistic perception of economics, politics, human behavior and technology to provoke, adapt and improve our planet, making commerce a force for good that will result in improved and more sustainable lives for future generations. A Singularity University Executive Graduate, Anthony is driven by a very tangible personal goal of positively impacting the lives of 1 Billion+ human beings through innovation, and execution, of exponential ideas. Anthony firmly believes that in a world desperately needing sustainable solutions, the onus is upon us to make history!

Andrew J. Goodman

Chief Commercial Officer

Andrew is a straight talking, yet amiable economics graduate, responsible for the sales and relationship effort with the existing and future client base. Fluent in both Spanish and Portuguese, Andrew was previously based out of the group’s office in Brazil for six years and has extensive experience of our product range and the multiple opportunities available in the fastpaced environment of Latin America. A strong advocate of diversification as the only true way to safeguard wealth in an everchanging economic landscape, Andrew is a strong relationship builder, working with clients on wealth creation not speculation.

Andrew S. Hood

Chief Business Development Officer

With an ever-evolving knowledge and understanding of cutting edge and innovative marketing strategies, experience in cultivating valuable strategic partnerships, and a passion for developing efficiency systems to maximize organizational productivity; Andrew is an ideal fit for our senior management team. Born, raised, and having attended university in the agricultural heart of the US and taught nature conservation and sustainable farming methods from an early age by his father (whom has a degree in horticulture and is an active environmentalist), Andrew has seen firsthand the rise of the unsustainable modern industrial agricultural complex and has a fiery determination to usher in a new era of environmental awareness and restorative practices.

Guillermo Rode Escandón

Chief Business Development Officer – Mexico

Having originally commenced his association with Primal Group in 2014 as a client, he joined the company as a partner in 2015, attracted by his positive experience and a passion for the company’s vision. A graduate of the Universidad Iberoamericana, he started his career in commercial real estate working with renowned engineer Antonio Gutiérrez Cortina, before joining his family’s pharmaceutical distribution business during 1993 – 2010. Since then, Guillermo has been active within the investment world, seeking out socially responsible opportunities that provide him and his family with multi-tiered diversification.

Prem Patel

Vice-President of Operations

Prem joined Primal Group after graduating from the London School of Economics and Political Science, motivated by his dedication to true value creation that combines financial success with a positive global impact. His nous for business management and commercial awareness, that are far beyond his years, play an integral role in enhancing the operational efficiency of the organization. With experience across all functions of the business, his breadth of understanding allows him to work closely with the Senior Management Team in managing critical projects across the globe.

Paloma Escandón

Global Project Implementation Manager

Dedicated to securing a sustainable future for us all, Paloma informs our everyday activities through her expertise in corporate social responsibility and environmental conservationism. A professional pilot that switched her career path to conservation and sustainability as a means to participate in global environmental improvement. Her immense attention to detail, determination, distinct passion for innovation and personal goal to change the world for the better, ensures that Primal Group maintains its place at the forefront of the new green revolution.

Henrique dos Santos Lopes

Lead Agronomist

A graduate of São Paulo State University with a degree in Agronomic Engineering, Henrique has experience managing large scale commercial plantations (20,000+ ha.) across multiple countries in Latin America. With a specialized focus in applying sustainability methodology in order to deliver global change and maximum commercial value, he advocates and actively utilizes the latest agro- ecological and cost-effective systems of production to achieve the highest yields. Passionate about venture capital dedicated to agriculture, he is now focusing on implementation, expansion and delivery of our vertically integrated project.

Carmen Lops

Marketing Manager

Responsible for the marketing efforts of Primal Group, Carmen brings multi-industry experience to expand and evolve our commercial initiatives around the world. With professional experience across renowned global multinationals like Volkswagen, Bosch and Bain & Company, Carmen brings a modern and dynamic approach to our marketing activities, maintaining the position of our company at the intersection of sustainability and innovation. Carmen strives to actively engage audiences with our philosophy at all levels in order to ensure social responsibility and better self-governance across society in critical global issues at all levels.