Partnering with local schools during the first phase of our Sustainable Environment Partnership, the Sustainable Future Initiative is educating local schoolchildren and their families on the incredible benefits of practicing sustainable agriculture. The educational program is based on permaculture as seen in Mandala Agriculture. This system is designed as a sustenance-based farming technique, relying on organic inputs and practices that are both efficient and cost-effective.

Combining traditional practices and empirical knowledge to modern scientific techniques, we are teaching a sustainable agricultural system through practical exercises, thereby increasing awareness of sustainability and the drastic impact of traditional methodologies. Local children are learning how to grow fruit and vegetables using this innovative and sustainable system. All produce is taken to local schools to help ensure nutritional and naturally-produced lunches are enjoyed every day.


Founded in 2017, the Sustainable Environment Partnership is the joint initiative between Primal Group, Unique and Vita to evolve a sustainable future by ensuring that social responsibility and environmental protection remain at the forefront of our global resource-supply chain.

We believe that by taking an active stance in the world we can create true and long-lasting benefits for everyone. By proactively embedding ourselves in the local communities in which we operate, through educational programs and charitable foundations, our aim is to ensure equitable access to the knowledge and resources necessary to ensure a sustainable future.

Building a remarkably different future; one that restores ecosystems and protects the environment while bringing forth innovation, prosperity, employment and security.

Sustainability in business is not just socially responsible, it is essential for mankind’s survival and global prosperity. We therefore strive to meet the triple bottom line – ensuring positive and profound impacts across society, the environment and the economy.

Our three main objectives