Always determined to remain at the forefront of sustainable agriculture, we manage the largest commercial neem plantation globally in Northeast Brazil. The implementation of safe and environmentally responsible practices on our projects ensure that we are not only non-destructive, but inherently restorative to the environment and ecosystems in which we operate. Our current operations comprise management of over 1,200 hectares (c. 3,000 acres) of agricultural land using only natural, sustainable and regenerative crop care solutions.

One of the most versatile trees in the world, neem has been celebrated for its remarkable healing properties as far back as 5,000BC by the Harappa and Monejo civilizations. Described in ancient Indian Ayurvedic texts as ‘sarva roga nivarini’ (the universal healer of all ailments) and ‘nimba’ (giver of good health), neem’s name in Sanskrit is ‘Arista’ – meaning ‘perfect, complete and imperishable’.

Fast-forward to the present day and neem is finally being utilized around the world to protect crops, increase soil nutrition, boost livestock health and strengthen global health. While still in its infancy across the Americas and Europe, the neem tree has been a feature of community life throughout Asia for centuries and is starting to become renowned worldwide for its incredible contributions to a building a more sustainable future.

The neem tree is an evergreen tree and part of the mahogany family that can thrive in a variety climates and conditions for up to 200 years. Dubbed as ‘The Tree of the 21st Century‘ by the United Nations, neem offers solutions where we need it the most – across agriculture, healthcare and environmental protection.

The Organic Alternative in Crop Care

Conventional farming’s reliance on an unsustainable amount of water, energy and agrochemicals is inadequate in meeting the needs of an exponentially increasing global population. Solutions ranging from organic inputs and precision technologies are driving innovation in this field. Natural and effective, neem is an organic alternative for crop care that is effective against over 600 species of pests. Neem even nourishes the soil by improving water retention and increasing its nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, and magnesium content.

A Safeguard for
Global Health

150 compounds have been isolated from the neem tree to date and extensive research is currently underway to fully understand the many applications and benefits to modern medicine and personal healthcare. While treatments for malaria, diabetes and cancer are particular areas of interest, neem has already proven itself as a powerful and effective all-natural cosmetic.

A Natural Solution to Environmental Protection

The very nature of neem makes the tree ideal for reforestation and carbon sequestration efforts. Fast growing, with a large surface biomass and thick foliage, neem has an impressive ability to capture carbon in the atmosphere with a sequestration capacity of 12.27 tons per tree per year. One of the most resilient, hard wearing and durable timbers on the planet, neem is an obvious choice for protecting and restoring the environment through long-term carbon entrapment.