Cannabis and Neem Part 1: Cannabis Market Expected to Grow Exponentially in 2019 and Beyond

June 7, 2019

Cannabis is creating new global markets as its legalized use is spreading around the world. As political movements gain momentum to legalize the use of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes, many new and innovative uses have increased in other related product and service areas too. As a result, the cannabis industry experienced significant growth in 2018 and will only continue to grow as legalization increases across the globe.   

An increasing cannabis market will inevitably face the same environmental challenges that every other crop in the world currently faces: the decreasing availability of fertile land and water, as well as the need for large amounts of pesticide and fertilizers, which will need to be organic in order to satisfy the growing number of environmental regulations and both consumer and government demand for safe products without synthetic pesticide traces. As a completely natural fertilizer and pesticide, the neem tree can help solve these challenges in a sustainable and organic way, and the benefits that neem crop care solutions hold for the cannabis market will be a significant motivator for the cannabis industry to turn towards neem producers such as Primal. Operating the largest commercial neem plantation in the world, we are poised to become a global leader in neem extracts production with a vertically integrated business model. 

In our next newsletters, we will continue to explore the growing calls for the cannabis industry to use organic inputs due to customers and governments health concerns.