Primal’s Green Economy Report Highlights the Economic Importance of Sustainability in Agriculture

May 30, 2019

One of the greatest responsibilities of the current generation is to transform the archaic system of modern industry into one that guarantees that the needs of all are met in a safe, healthy and sustainable way. After generations of prioritizing maximum productivity over sustainability in our socioeconomic endeavors, mankind has caused unprecedented pressures on our most vital resources.

In order to build a safe and secure model for global economic prosperity, we require new and innovative solutions to solve the challenges that the world faces. One such challenge is the ability to sustain our rising populations at a time of arable land degradation, stalling crop yield growth and a constantly changing climate. Agriculture must be transformed into a system that prioritizes sustainability and environmental protection when meeting the nutritional needs of the world. We need a new Green Revolution. Only then will we be able to ensure accessible and regenerative food supply for all. 

In the future, environmental needs will be matched by governmental efforts to regulate the environmental impact of all economic sectors, creating a new market for green businesses. Primal has placed itself ahead of the curve by building the agricultural and business model of the future, which guarantee high yields and sustainability while offering safe returns and creating profits that benefit the planet.

According to the UN, investing in agriculture is one of the most effective strategies for economic growth, poverty reduction, and promoting global sustainability. The problem with current agricultural models is that they exploit the earth with the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers that destroy the environment and render the soil unfertile. Primal’s Green Economy report lays out the future approach towards agriculture which involves the use of organic and regenerative techniques that are safe for people and the environment. As a safe replacement for synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, and antibiotics used in agriculture, we believe that the neem tree has the power to transform the future of agriculture and food production. 

Get to know tomorrow’s green economy as envisioned by Primal, by reading our Green Economy Report: